Thank you for taking the time to read about the growth of my business Gordon’s Medical Limited which was originally my parents business – Gordon’s Limited. This is the result of a successful 41 year journey for Bob and Lorraine Gordon. Together my parents created a 100% New Zealand Family owned and operated business which I co-managed with them until the 1st of September 2016 when I took over the entire operation. I am Denise Gordon, and I am filled with immeasurable pride and love for my parents along with a deep respect for how their products have impacted positively on the quality of 1000’s of individual New Zealanders daily lives.

I hope reading this page leaves you feeling in awe of and inspired by my parents who are extra-ordinary individuals … their vision, determination, high level of business and personal integrity has created a legacy which extends from their 4 children down to their 8 grandchildren and will eventually pass onto their great grandchildren. That was my father’s intention all those years ago!

My parent’s original business began in 1975 with manufacturing footwear when Platforms and Corkies were at the height of fashion. Our styles however, were elegant and needless to say, snapped up faster than they could be made. If you are wondering why I am writing about footwear when we are Medical Softgoods manufacturers, please read on, it was through the footwear that my parents were personally invited by Auckland Hospital to manufacture medical products.

So, the Gordon Family legacy began with manufacturing fashion shoes, Jazz Ballet & Ballroom Dancing shoes, Ballet Slippers and in 1980 Auckland Hospital approached them to manufacture Dennis Brown Boots and Spina Bifida Boots for special needs children. They also asked us to manufacture Knee Immobilizer’s / Knee Splints, then Cast Boots (which I learnt to sew on) followed by Cervical Collars and gradually our product range has grown to what it is today.

In 1984 my father had an Oh @#$! moment and accidentally cut off four fingers with clicking press (right down past the first knuckle). That put a huge amount of pressure onto my mother and oldest brother (who was

working with my father at the time) in order to keep the business running while my father recovered. And Dad being Dad, he was down for a while but he got back up and eventually was back at his work bench making shoes for little children again. Most people would have stopped working, Dad had to relearn to be a left handed person again and he did it. He even went on to build his home in the Waitakere Ranges after his accident from which the business operated for many years. Oh and I should add that my father is actually a qualified carpenter and he taught himself how to design and make footwear and medical products. And my mother was a bookkeeper who loved to sew and could create Cher styled masterpieces in the dining room from snippets of material. Together they pooled their talents and Gordon’s Limited was born.

For years and years after cutting off his fingers Dad continued to have phantom pains and even now at the age of 84 years he still gets the odd twinge from them.

Then my mother had a mishap and fell down a vertical bank on their property several years ago. It took 9 firemen 2.5 hrs to abseil down to her to get her back up the bank to safety. It is a miracle that my mother survived that fall; she spent 2.5 hrs in the freezing cold, with hail stones and icy rain pelting down on her while crying out for help. When my father got home from golf he couldn’t find her but one of his dogs led him to the edge of the bank and he heard her very faint cries. Again, Dad being Dad tried to abseil down to her himself but realised he didn’t have the strength to pull her up and called the fire department. Mum fractured two vertebrae which didn’t heal properly and so to this day she has immense back pain all the time.

So as you can see, from where my parents began when I was only 12 years old to where they are today is a journey of strength and inspiration. They deserve the good things in their lives as a reward for many years of hard work, sacrifice and good business choices. In November 2018 my parents finally left the Waitakere Ranges to live in Taupo, I helped them to pack up which was an epic feat and then helped to move down to a gorgeous new home. It took me and my father 3 weeks to unpack 80% of their possessions!!! And that was after condensing things down!!!

Even packing my parents up didn’t go without its glitches; I had run a load of their possessions down to my brother’s property in Taupo and had brought the trailer back up to my parents’ home. They were already asleep by the time I dropped it off and I wrestled with myself, should I park it on the grass or back it onto the driveway. I ended up leaving it on the grass … bad choice. The next morning my father was trying to attach the trailer to the back of his van when it slipped and rammed him between the van the trailer. He laughs about it now but when he was trapped and yelling out to Mum for help he wasn’t so thrilled with life! Unfortunately for Dad, Mum had just tripped up and fallen on the grass and couldn’t stand herself up. Neither of them keeps their cell phones on them; actually they hardly ever turn them on! Luckily for everyone, a lawn mowing contractor from a neighbour’s property heard them yelling out for help and rescued them both! OMG I am thinking, how can I keep my parents safe??? This unfortunate series of calamities drove home to me how vulnerable my older parents are and I quickly organised medical beepers for each of them to wear.

It has been a massive journey to where I am today – I won’t share my mishaps, you wouldn’t get any work done … they are so bountiful and quite hilarious, I think I have inherited my father’s knack for accidentally hurting myself along with his sense of humour because we both seem to always see the funny side of our agony.

Thank you for reading our history page, I hope you have a happy day,

With kindest of regards,

Denise Gordon